The Farm


Located in the enchanting setting of Skeerpoort, Hartbeespoort, our farm is a testament to the natural beauty and agricultural richness of the North West province. 

Our expansive farm spans an impressive 42 hectares where you will discover a harmonious blend of cultivation methods that maximize productivity and ensure optimal growing conditions for our crops. Our cultivated land is a carefully orchestrated combination of tunnels, shade nets, and open fields. These different growing environments allow us to cultivate a wide range of crops, from delicate leafy greens to hardy herbs. 

Water is drawn from boreholes throughout the property which provide us with a sustainable and reliable source of water, ensuring that our crops receive the nourishment they need to thrive. With a careful balance of irrigation and conservation practices, we strive to utilize this precious resource responsibly and efficiently.

Environmental Impact

We take great pride in our commitment to sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship. Our farm is not only a place of growth and abundance, but also a sanctuary for the diverse flora and fauna that call this land home. We work diligently to minimize our ecological footprint and promote biodiversity, creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits both our crops and the surrounding environment. 

The areas not under cultivation, used for grazing by the previous owner, have been converted back to natural veld as part of our overall company philosophy of sustainability and conservation of the Moot Plains bushveld vegetation.  Apart from the natural veld, the critically endangered and ecologically important Magalies River crosses the property.  Natural corridors (riparian) or “Green Zones” are maintained along rivers and wetland areas. 

To ensure the prosperity of our soil the services of an outside independent consultant are employed to advise, build and maintain the organic carbon content of the soils.  This is aided by crop rotation and reduced tillage practices.

Integrated Pest and Disease Management

At our farm, we understand the importance of effective pest control without relying solely on traditional chemical methods. That’s why we utilize an independent consultant who specializes in IPM. This collaboration allows us to tap into their expertise and experience, ensuring that our pest management strategies are comprehensive, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our dedicated consultant works closely with our team to develop customized pest management plans tailored to the specific needs of our farm. 

By conducting regular monitoring and thorough assessments, we identify potential pest threats and implement proactive measures to prevent infestations. Integrated pest management takes into account the ecological dynamics of the farm, including the interaction between pests, natural predators, and the environment. 

Our farm is a haven where nature’s delicate balance is respected and nurtured. We embrace the principles of IPM as a core philosophy, striving to create an environment where crops thrive while minimizing the impact on the environment.


Our farm is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities designed to maximize productivity and ensure the highest quality of our agricultural products. 

As you explore our farm, you will come across two spacious pack houses. These pack houses serve as the heart of our operations, where the fruits of our labour are carefully sorted, processed, and packaged to our customers specifications. Equipped with modern equipment and a dedicated team of trained staff, these pack houses are designed to handle large volumes of produce efficiently, ensuring that our produce is prepared with utmost care and precision. Adjacent to the pack houses, you will find two nurseries, vibrant spaces where the journey of life begins for our plants. Here, our skilled team cultivate a wide variety of seedlings carefully nurturing them with the perfect balance of sunlight, water, and nutrients. These nurseries provide an optimal environment for our plants to grow strong and healthy, ready to be transplanted to the fields.

Moving forward, you will discover our hardening area, a transition zone that prepares the young plants for life in the open fields. The hardening area is designed to gradually expose the plants to the natural elements, such as sunlight, wind, and temperature variations, allowing them to acclimate and develop resilience. This crucial step ensures that our plants adapt well to their surroundings and thrive when they are eventually transplanted.

Throughout our farm, you will witness a harmonious synergy between modern technology and time-honoured farming practices. From the meticulous handling of produce in the pack houses to the nurturing of delicate seedlings in the nurseries and the strategic hardening process, every aspect of our farm is meticulously planned and executed to ensure the highest quality and productivity.

We take immense pride in our farm and the facilities we offer. We believe that this combination of cutting-edge infrastructure and skilled expertise allows us to deliver exceptional agricultural products that are a testament to our commitment to sustainable farming practices and the well-being of both the land and the consumers we serve.

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